What is the difference between the Open and Games options?

The first thing to express is that we are one team. What you'll notice is that despite our strength and skill work which can vary from track to track, we almost always come together for our daily conditioning. Our aim here is, and always will be... 


CompTrain Athletes Train Together


Open Prep 

  • Geared towards athletes preparing for an online competition
  • Prioritize classical CrossFit movements that we most commonly see in online competition 
  • Typical day =  2 extra parts on top of the daily conditioning 
  • Rough training time per day is 90 minutes.

Games Prep

  • Geared towards athletes with the CrossFit Games being the ultimate goal
  • Higher volume, heavier loads, and a broader range of movements and skills, this track aims to prepare our athletes for the unknowns of an "in person" competition
  • Rough training time per day is between 120-150 minutes.