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What is the difference between teens, individuals, masters & class?

Individuals loading, complexity, volume, and accessory are written to optimize performance for the known and unknown demands of the Open and Sanctioned Events.

Our Masters program is built around the philosophy that more training is not better–better training is better. Masters training is tailored to the limited time of most competitive Masters, designed to be completed in under 1.5 hours each day. Training will prepare athletes for unique and age-group specific demands of Masters competition, from the Open through the Games.

Teens programming emphasizes quality of movements over shear volume, laying a foundation for a long, healthy athletic career. This program is tailored around for demands of the two teenage divisions in competition, ages 14-15 and 16-17.

Our only non-competitive programming track, CompTrain Class delivers world-class affiliate programming detailed through a 60-minute timeline. Lesson plans include warmups, teaching points, workout explanations, timeline and strategy. As the base of all three of our competitive tracks, CompTrain Class allows competitors to participate with group classes as one community.