What is happening to the Programming on SugarWOD?

Individuals, Masters, and Teen athletes following our programming on SugarWOD will want to Transition to the new CompTrain App for continued access to the daily training.

After September 6th, we will no longer be posting any individual programming to SugarWOD.The only way to access the CompTrain individual training program will be on the CompTrain app. 


If you are an athlete following one of the Individuals, Masters, or Teens tracks on SugarWOD you must download the new CompTrain app, and create an account by September 6th. After that date, your subscription to our programming on SugarWOD will be canceled and you will no longer be able to see CompTrain programming on SugarWOD. 


Note: This change is only for athletes following any of our individual programs (Individuals, Masters, and Teens). CompTrain Class will remain on SugarWOD as we believe the SugarWOD platform is the best platform for delivering Affiliate programming. 


This will not affect any other access/subscription you may have on SugarWOD. 


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