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What are the CompTrain training cycles?

Our annual training cycles are:

Foundational strength, laying the groundwork for the season. Incorporating squat wave
training, overhead strength, and a focus on moving better through a variety of positioning drills.


“Grunt Work”
Building stamina strength into our weekly progressions, including capacity through barbell cycling, stamina squat sessions, and unilateral dumbbell work to improve positioning and correct imbalances.


“Barbell Ninja”
Focusing on the mechanics and technique on the olympic lifts through targeted progressions in the clean and jerk and snatch and olympic accessory work.


Improving body awareness and honing in on movement stamina and quality. Progressions towards the ring muscle-up, bar muscle-up, handstand pushup, and more.


Open preparation. Dialing in conditioning and targeted skill refinement for the movements tested in Open competition.