How Do I Create An Account?

In order to access the daily programming you are required to set up an account with us. Accounts are totally free and grant you access to the most basic app features. 


Setting up an account

  1. Download the CompTrain App on your mobile device
    1. iOS Link
    2. Google play link
  2. Click the “login/register” button at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. 
  3. A popup will appear. Click "continue"IMG_2605 copy
  4. Click the “register” button 
  5. Fill out profile information and click the orange button at the bottom. 
    1. Date of birth helps us to provide you the best program based on your age. 
  6. Once you create your account you will be asked to customize your program. Go through the customization process, and your account will be created!